Dinner @ Il Calzone, Krakow

After meeting K while touring Auschwitz we ended up going out for dinner together when back in Krakow as we we’re now staying at the same hostel. We settled on Il Calzone for a restaurant as K did not want anything spicy and I was looking for something close to our hostel and this was just around the block. The restaurant is well sign posted on the street but is actually located off the street a little in a courtyard but very easy to find.

K and I decided to split a bottle of wine while there. K requested sweet over dry and looking over the menu there was only one wine that was listed as semi-sweet. That wine was a Gewürztraminer for 88PLN. The wine was more sweet than semi-sweet to my taste but I still enjoyed it and it went down a little too easily with the level of sweetness. I would happily order this wine again if I was looking for a sweeter style white wine.


I was quite famished by the time we arrived after the early start, all the walking and being on my feet most of the day. I ended up going for a Green Salad (9 PLN) and Pasta Amatriciana with tagliatelle (20 PLN). The pasta was nice and had a good kick with the spice in it and very filling with the portion they gave me. The green salad was not quite my cup of tea as there was quite a few herbs in it, however the selection of greens did look fresh so it was more a personal preference of not liking the greens included in it. K had the calzone (26 PLN) and enjoyed it, she managed to finish the entire thing and was stuffed by the end of it.

The service at the restaurant was outstanding. The staff were always on hand to top up our wine glasses without hassle or interrupting our meal. They were friendly and gave us time to digest to see if we could fit in some dessert, sadly we could not. On the way out of the restaurant we had a quick chat with the two waiters and they were a pleasure to talk with.

Location: ul. Starowiślna 15a, Krakow.

Price: £

Rating: 4 ★

Website: http://www.ilcalzone.pl/en/index.php

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