Dinner @ Cantina, Prague

I was introduced to Cantina when I was in Prague during October mid-term break last year. I had forgotten about the experience until in Budapest when I was talking to the Irish lads I was sharing a dorm room with. They were heading off to Prague when I was heading back to London and I remembered the best Mexican meal I had ever had and managed to locate it for them while realising along the way that it had not made it onto the blog.

I went to Prague with a now ex-boyfriend last October, whom had spent many summers in the city and knew some of the best places to eat. When we arrived in town I was offered a choice of Chinese or Mexican, as we were to have a Czech meal the following night. I went for Mexican partly out of curiosity as it was sold to me as “the best Mexican you may ever have” and I was feeling more in the mood for Mexican than Chinese.

Cantina is located a slight walk from the centre of town and is nearest to Legion Bridge. We ended up walking back into the town centre after the meal and it was quite a manageable stroll for us. When we arrived however the restaurant was packed and we ended up facing a very long wait for a tale or to take a seat at the bar. As I was famished we ended up choosing to sit at the bar and while it was a little cosy you ended up with a great view up and down the restaurant to see the décor and food coming out of the kitchen.

Slow roasted beef tacos with blue corn taco.
Slow roasted beef tacos with blue corn taco.

I went for the slow-roasted beef taco in a blue corn soft taco shell. I have to say that words can barely describe how delicious this meal was but that it truly deserved the title of “the best Mexican you may ever have”. To go with my taco I also ordered a tequila sunrise. The cocktail was nothing special but still well made.


The services was friendly but quick as when I was at Cantina the restaurant was packed. I would happily return however for another meal and either book a table or go when I have the time to wait for a table as it would be nice to have a little longer to enjoy the meal without having to sit up at the bar. I did recommend Cantina to the Irish lads whom I met in Budapest (you can read about our adventures in Budapest in this blog post here) and they reported back to me that it was a great meal and then enjoyed it thoroughly which was fantastic to hear and what made me realise I had never written this post.

Location: Újezd 38, 118 00 Praha – Malá Strana.

Price: £

Rating: 4 ★

Website: http://www.restauracecantina.cz/lang/en/

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