Lunch @ Million Cafe & Restaurant, Istanbul

While in Istanbul with Topdeck I had lunch at Million Restaurant and Cafe which is located walking distance from the Sultanahmet district on the older European side of the city. I went with two of the girls who were also doing the tour with me. We chose this cafe out of all the ones on the street due to the lady standing in the street, working for this cafe, being the only one who did not harass us while we walked up the street to check out the different cafes and restaurants.

I ordered a serving of meatballs and a Million milkshake to go with it (banana and honey flavoured), M ordered a sandwich to share with T and T also ordered a side of goats cheese pastries off the starter menu for a little something else on top of the half a sandwich. M liked the sandwich as did T but it was nothing special. I really enjoyed my meatballs dish and found my milkshake to be a perfect drink for the warmer summer weather in Istanbul. I would happily go back and order both.

The staff at the cafe were also very patient as it took T a while to make up her mind for whether the sandwich and starter would be enough for her. The staff were very kind and actually added a few extra pieces to her starter so that she would definitely feel full enough after the meal. I tried one and while they were not very filling they were delicious and would make for a great shared started at this cafe.

The prices were nothing special for Turkey as we were eating at a cafe in the Sultanahmet district and just off the main street where the Tram 1 runs along.

Location: icarethane Sok No 3Istanbul 34000

Price: ££

Rating: 3 ★

2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Million Cafe & Restaurant, Istanbul

  1. afiyetolsun55 says:

    I just love the variety of food you can find in Istanbul, I love kofte ( meatballs) and often make them for my family – tell my grandson they are mini burger kings and he eats them ( he is such a fussy eater) don’t know what he will do when he finds out I make them. I bring a kofte spice mixes back with me when I go over, Know make them there but not in the UK. I also make the sigara boreck with filo pastry here. Enjoy your holiday.

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