Birthday Dinner @ Don Fernando’s, Richmond

My last weekend in London was also my birthday and so it was spent filled with many bitter sweet moments. One of which was my final night out in Richmond, London. A part of town that I got to know quite well and ended up spending a large portion of my time in London in and around this area. I had been to Don Fernando’s previously with C who I taught with and having both loved it immensely we decided to revisit here with some other colleagues to have a farewell/birthday dinner.

Above is the range of dishes that we ordered to split between us. At first we were worried that we had not ordered enough food for ourselves, however by the time we had finished our meals this proved to be the perfect amount of food for 4 of us with the fifth turning up at the end to finish off what we had been unable to do so. The flavour of all the dishes was lovely and worked well together to make for a lovely meal. We also washed it down with a few beers and jugs of sangria which was the perfect drinks for the cuisine.

I would recommend a selection of meat and vegetable dishes if you plan to go. We did not try too many of the seafood dishes due to allergy concerns however the prawn dish we tried was well liked. The chickpea and meat dish in sauce was well liked as well and worked as a good way to tie some of the different dishes together. Also the kebabs here have always been a favourite with the spice mix that they use. The vegetable dishes will often include a lot of potato but this can work well for the spices and sauces that are found on some of the beat dishes. Be prepared however to walk out stuffed and content after a meal here.

The service was lovely, the staff checked in occasionally but left us to our merriment and meal. I have enjoyed both my visits to Don Fernando’s and would recommend it to anyone looking for this style of food or looking for a tapas restaurant in London. The prices are reasonable and there is a wide range or dish options available.


And a big shout out to my lovely friends who managed to make it out on the opening night of the Rugby World Cup in Twickenham to celebrate with me my time in London, getting to know them as well as turning another year older. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to making many more memories in the years to come!

Location: 27F The Quadrant, Richmond, London, Surrey TW9 1DN

Price: ££

Rating: 3.5 ★



Drinks list:

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